Your landscape in Muskoka can be a beautiful work of art, or a source of major disappointment.
A recently completed project almost always looks beautiful, but time will tell - usually within 3 years - whether or not it was built correctly. How can you make sure that you are hiring the right contractor?

Hire the right TYPE of Landscape Contractor

Are you looking for an excavating company with the right size of equipment to clear the lot efficiently, or a hard landscape construction company with the right equipment and education to properly construct a stone retaining wall that will stand the test of time?  Maybe you need a landscape maintenance contractor with a horticultural technician on staff, or a trained irrigation or lighting contractor.  Know that soft landscaping refers to planting materials etc., and hard landscaping refers to hard surface areas such as pathways and patios etc.  The company you hire should be skilled in the particular aspects of your project, or have access to and use reputable sub-contractors for those areas in which they lack expertise.

Hire a Local Professional

A local established and professional company should have the equipment and experience to deal with Muskoka's rocky terrain and weather zone.  They should be well versed regarding local bylaws and have established relationships with local suppliers and subcontractors.

Obtain a Written Contract

A written and signed contract will protect the interests of both parties.  Contracts should describe in detail the complete scope of the project, and clearly explain other details such as expected payment schedules and work start dates.  It should stipulate who is responsible for underground service locates and permits etc.  A good contract will also define procedures for the approval of change orders and costs of extras.

Other Important Considerations:

  • Customer and supplier references
  • Years in business
  • Employee experience, education and certification
  • Company facilities and equipment resources
  • Proof of WSIB and liability insurance
  • Landscape Ontario Association membership

Communication is Key!

A successful relationship between you and your landscape contractor  is crucial to your satisfaction of the project, and one of the main factors of that success is communication.  If you are away from the site, be available by phone or email.

If your contractor is lacking in good communication from the start, don't expect it to get any better.

Hiring the right contractor the first time is crucial to the
long term success of your project.

Mistakes can be extremely costly! 

"If you can't find the time or money to do it right the first time, how are you going to find the time or money to do it over?"